What We Do

What We Do:
The Nutrition Services Department offers nutritious meals as well as to provide quality nutrition education guidance designed to enhance our students’ wellness and lifelong ability to make choices that will have a positive impact on academic achievement and healthy life styles.
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Phone: (714) 985-8610 
Fax:      (714) 528-5101
Suzanne Morales. RD, MPH, SNS
Director, Nutrition Services
(714) 985-8610
Saeideh Seifi, RD
Operations Supervisor, Nutrition Services
(714) 985-8628
Kimberly Besanson
Operations Supervisor, Nutrition Services
(714) 985-8617
Orlando Luevano
Production Supervisor/Chef 
(714) 985-8618
Kristy Evans
Senior Clerk
(714) 985-8619
Carmen Paredes
Senior Account Clerk
(714) 985-8614
Mila Thomas
Account Technician
(714) 985-8613
Sonia Matsumoto
Program Technical Coordinator
(714) 985-8612