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District Philosophy

It is the desire of the Placentia – Yorba Linda Unified School District that all students attend school everyday. Some circumstances may necessitate a student to be absent, and those situations are certainly understandable. Before allowing a student to miss school it is hoped that parents/guardians will carefully evaluate the reason for the absence and consider the loss of important teacher to student interaction.

The district encourages parents/guardians to help their child develop good attendance habits. Here are a few suggestions:
  • You are your student’s best role model. Be sure you are not the reason they are absent or late.
  • Have students organize their clothes, lunch, homework and projects, the night before school.
  • Teach students to get up in the morning utilizing their own personal alarm clocks.
  • Help students develop good sleeping habits and make sure that they are in bed at a reasonable time. (Get homework done early!)
  • Allow an adequate amount of time for students to have a good breakfast.
  • Reward student’s on-time behavior and give consequences for being late.
Remember, today’s practices become tomorrows habits