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Special Considerations

Special Considerations 

Participation Excuses: 
Physical education is state required.  If your child is to be excused from class 
because of illness or previous injury, please send a signed note given to the physical 
education specialist.  Students who do not actively participate will still be involved in 
class and have an understanding of the day’s activities.  After three days of missed 
activity a physician’s note is requested.   

Doctor’s Notes: 
If a Doctor recommends a rest from P.E., it may be a good idea to ask him/her if 
there are any activities your child CAN do.  Doctors will frequently write specific 
recommendations for what type of exercise is acceptable or unacceptable for a 
healing child. 

Health Concerns: 
If your child has any special needs or concerns such as asthma, allergies, etc., 
please communicate with your child’s school administrator and PE specialist. 

Shoes should cover the entire foot and allow your child to participate in athletic 
activities in the grass or on the blacktop.  Sandals are not acceptable.  Additionally, 
girls should wear "skorts," not skirts or dresses. 

Hot Weather: 
The Elementary Physical Education Program follows the PYLUSD guidelines regarding 
hot weather.  Students are given extra shade access, frequent water breaks, reduced 
activity, and indoor P.E. when needed.