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Vocal Music & Honor Choir

Vocal/General Music Class Description

Students enrolled in our Vocal/General Music Program meet with one of our vocal/general music specialists once a week. In class students will develop an understanding and appreciation of the performing arts through singing, playing rhythm instruments, movement, music reading, and listening (analyzing). The curriculum is aligned with the California State VAPA Framework/Common Core Standards and includes music from a wide variety of styles such as classical, jazz, blues, rock, contemporary, and multi-cultural. Students will learn basic music theory concepts, music history and choral repertoire through our weekly (45 minute) dynamic lessons using music technology software, classroom/Orff instruments and music texts.

Honor Choir

Each year our district gives the students involved in the vocal/general part of our elementary music program to be a part of the district's elementary honor choirs. 

This year we are excited to offer the elementary honor choir again!


All Honor Choir auditions will be held during vocal music class time in February by the vocal/general music teachers.
The Elementary Honor Choir students perform at one of the evenings of our District Vocal Festival in March with their feeder middle school and high school choirs.

Acceptance Letters

All students who may be accepted into this year’s honor choirs will be given an acceptance letter by their vocal/general music teacher to take home to their parents to be filled out and returned to their vocal/general music teacher. If your student has been accepted and you need another copy of that letter they are below. Just click on the one that is appropriate for your attendance area:


Rehearsals & Performances


El Dorado HS area schools - TBD 2023

Valencia HS area schools - TBD 2023

Esperanza HS & Yorba Linda HS area schools - TBD 2023


The students who are participating in Elementary Honor Choir will also rehearse from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm at the venue of the performance the day of their performance.

March 7, 2023 - El Dorado High School area schools,  time 7:00 pm, site TBD

March 8, 2023 - Valencia High School area schools, time 7:00 pm, site TBD

March 9, 2023 - Esperanza & Yorba Linda High School area schools, time 7:00 pm, site TBD