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When students miss school, not only do they miss important face-to-face instruction, but they miss the daily social interaction with their peers which benefits their overall health and well-being. While homework can be made up, there is no replacement for the collaboration and interaction that takes place within the classroom.
Students who miss ten percent or more of school, or just two school days a month, are considered chronically absent as defined by the state of California. Chronic absenteeism, whether caused by excused or unexcused absences, may be an early warning sign of poor academic outcomes and may put students at risk of dropping out of school. 
Finally, when students fall behind as a result of absences, they require additional support through district programs and services. To complicate matters more, a large majority of the school district’s funding to offer these programs and services is based on the average daily attendance of students.
Please help us set your students up for success by assuring they come to school every day unless they are sick. When students are sick, families should contact their school to report the absence.
Every Day Counts when it comes to attendance and ensuring students have the advantage of an outstanding education. Learn more at www.pylusd.org/everydaycounts.
Attendance Works
A national and state initiative that promotes awareness of the important role that school attendance plays in achieving academic success starting with school entry.

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