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The PYLUSD Advantage

The Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District has a richly deserved reputation for providing outstanding educational opportunities for our students. This has not come about by happenstance, but through a steadfast resolve to hold the highest expectations for our students and also for ourselves. We are immensely indebted to our parents and community for the partnerships we have enjoyed for many decades in support of our students.
Having an unwavering commitment to better prepare our students for college and careers, our Board of Education engaged a wide range of stakeholders, which included parents, students, community members, business and civic leaders, and staff, to join us in developing a district strategic plan that will shape the future of our school district. Called “The PYLUSD Advantage,” this strategic plan serves as a road map, setting forth specific strategies that guide our decision-making to ensure that our students experience the advantage of an outstanding education.
We invite you to take a moment to read “The PYLUSD Advantage,” which is provided below. The booklet describes the direction that drives us, the reason we exist, and what we stand for as we embark on this exciting endeavor!
The Reason We Exist

We inspire all students through rigorous and relevant educational experiences that empower them to become responsible, ethical, and contributing citizens.
The Direction That Drives Us

We are committed to being a dynamic and supportive learning community that prepares each and every student for success now and in the future.
What We Stand For and Represent
We relentlessly pursue excellence in all academic and organizational endeavors.

We actively seek opportunities to serve and work together with all members of our school community to ensure student success.

We foster relationships that promote respect, responsibility, and honesty to ensure the well-being of all.

We create a culture that celebrates ingenuity, promotes adaptability, and inspires intellectual exploration.