Homework Expectations Brochure

We encourage the collaboration of students, teachers and parents to ensure the successful completion of assigned work. As students mature, they are more able to work independently and parents play a supportive role in promoting student responsibility.
To maximize the benefit from home, a parent’s role in this process includes:

  • Establishing a time and place to complete homework.
  • Limiting interruptions during homework time.
  • Regularly communicating with teachers regarding questions or concerns.
We urge you to take an active interest in your child’s work and help ensure that assignments are completed and turned in on time.

At the beginning of each year, teachers will provide guidelines regarding homework expectation in the classroom. Many teachers post information regarding homework and assignments on the Internet. Your student’s teacher will provide information on how to access the website for his/her particular class.

We wish your son or daughter a very successful year.


Doug Domene, Ed.D.

Candy Plahy
Assistant Superintendent
Educational Services
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