After School High School Tutoring

Called Tiger Tutoring, tutoring is offered every Tuesday and Thursday from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. at Valencia High School. Students receive help in all disciplines ranging from math to language arts to science and more. The program is offered free in the school’s library by fellow Valencia High students who are in National Honor Society, the nation’s premier organization that recognizes academics, leadership, service and character.

“This is a great resource to our students throughout the year in support of their academic success,” said Valencia Principal Rick Lopez.

The district’s other high schools also offer similar programs. At Yorba Linda High, free tutoring is offered 50 minutes before school and 50 minutes after school. The program is also free to students and offered by the National Honor Society. El Dorado’s program is starting in October and will be in the school’s library. Esperanza will begin offering peer tutoring for all subjects starting on September 30. Tutoring is available in Room B-2 on Tuesdays before and after school as well as on Thursdays after school. La Entrada High School offers tutoring throughout the day Monday through Friday. Parkview High students can schedule extra time with their teachers if they need assistance.

These tutoring programs are offered free to any students in the school. Contact your individual school for times and locations.
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