Attention PYLUSD App Users: Re-Set Your App to Fix Calendar Glitch

Re-set can be done by going to the settings icon on the PYLUSD app and clicking on “reset app defaults.”

PYLUSD App users may have noticed a problem with the calendar. The calendar was automatically downloading events for Travis Ranch School on all calendars, even though users were not selecting that school’s calendar. The problem is now fixed and a re-set on phones will eliminate the problem.

If you have not yet downloaded our PYLUSD Smartphone App, we invite you to get connected. Through the app, individuals can easily access district news, calendars, information about district initiatives and, if they have children in schools, student grades right from their mobile phones. The app is free for users to download through the App Store or Google Play.

The idea for the app was generated as another way of staying connected with stakeholders and the community at large, which is Initiative 3.3 of the school district’s strategic plan.
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