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LCAP Overview

California’s 2013-2014 Budget Act included landmark legislation that resulted in the largest overhaul in 40 years to the state’s funding for public schools.  As part of the State’s new funding system, called Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF), all school districts are required to submit by June a Local Control Accountability (LCAP) plan that describes how districts intend to meet annual goals for all students, English learners, low income students and foster youth.  Specifically, the plan must address local district priorities and the state’s eight priorities, which are:
1. Basic Services such as access to fully-credentialed teachers instructional materials and safe facilities;
2. Common Core State Standards implementation;
3. Parent involvement so the local community is engaged in educational programs;
4. Improving pupil achievement and outcomes;
5. Supporting student engagement, including whether students attend school or are chronically absent;
6. Highlighting school climate and connectedness through a variety of factors;
7. Access and enrollment, ensuring that all students have access to classes that prepare them for college and careers regardless of what school they attend or where they live; and
8. Other pupil outcomes.
The Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District firmly believes in the importance of seeking stakeholder input prior to writing the plan.  Annually in March and April, district staff meet with parents, educators and community groups to engage stakeholders in important conversations. After input  is gathered,  the initial draft of the plan is shared with the Board of Education and additional revisions are made.  The plan is due to the State by June each year.
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A copy of the LCAP for 2017-20 is included below as an attachment.