External Users - Guidelines

To get started, please review the following
documents regarding facility use requests:
(Documents available below for your convenience)
PYLUSD User Group Classifications - All Facility Users are defined by user group classifications based upon what type of group the organization is and what it's affiliation may be with our schools and students.
PYLUSD User Group Fee Table- This includes the use of facility fees for available sites.
Forms & Documents
PYLUSD Insurance Requirements - All User Groups must provide insurance that meets the stated criteria.
UPDATE : PYLUSD is pleased to introduce Business Credentialing Services (BCS), a new third-party insurance service that will track and verify insurance maintained by each user group utilizing District Facilities. Please submit all insurance documents to pylusd@bcsops.com  They can also be contacted directly at (862)242-5500. 
To Request Use: 
If you are an External User (School Connected, Direct Cost and Fair Rental) there are two ways of submitting a Use of Facilities Application.
If you are an External User requesting the use of any district facility for the first time, please complete the Application and email to the Use of Facilities Office. 
  • Through the Community Use Portal (help guides attached below) to submit the request electronically.
    •  The use of the Community Use Portal is recommended for single day, single room, simple requests. Although it is capable of more complex requests the nuances of the system can be challenging. If you need assistance please reach out to us. 
**As a reminder**
Invoices are based on time requested
All previous invoices must be paid prior to making a new request
If you have any questions, please contact:
Teresa Solorio
(714) 985-8753