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Elementary music instruction is provided to all 4th, 5th and 6th grade students in the Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District. Classes are taught during the school day by credentialed music educators in the areas of band, strings and vocal music.

Provided on this website is information about your child’s music teacher(s), local music vendors, instrument information, music class schedules and much much more! We look forward to working with your students and expanding their educational experience! Simply scroll  down and/or click on a tab on the menu to the right to learn all you need to know about our program!
Elementary Music Recruitment Assemblies

Since we are back with our 'live' music classes, that means our music teachers were out to each of our 21 elementary schools the first two weeks of school to perform assemblies where students can learn about the music program and what their choices are for music this school year! 
Music Class Choices
After your school's music assembly, your student will receive a brochure from their classroom teacher which explains our elementary music program and how to sign-up for an instrument or vocal music! We also have provided here a PDF of your student's choices by grade level. You can click on the appropriate PDF link below to see and download that detailed list of classes for each grade level.
Elementary Instrumental Music Equipment List

If your student has chosen an instrument to play this year (band or strings) please click the appropriate link PDF below to see and download a list of all the supplies they will need to participate in that instrumental class this year. Seeing the list of all the things your student will need to be able to play an instrument may help you in your decision making process. 
Methods Books for our Band & String Classes
This year, the elementary music team will be continuing with our instrumental music curriculum! That means we will be continuing to use method book Essential Elements Interactive to teach our band and string classes. We love that this method book series utilizes the most up to date technology, including internet interactive content, to create a more exciting and flexible learning environment for our instrumental music students!
Here is what the Essential Elements Interactive books for band & strings instruments looks like so you know what to purchase for your student to use in instrumental music class:
Please make sure to purchase the correct method book for the instrument your student will be playing this year. There are separate books for violin, viola, cello & bass for string instruments and flute, clarinet, alto saxophone, trumpet, trombone, bass clef baritone and percussion for band instruments. Thank you! 
Elementary Music Enrollment Form
Once your student has seen our assembly at their school, they will bring home the brochure about our program. After you have had a chance to read ALL the information about our program on the brochure they brought home to you and you and your student have decided what their choice is for music this year, please fill out the enrollment and contract part of the brochure completely and have your student return it to their classroom teacher. Their classroom teacher will give it to your student's music teacher so the music teacher can enroll your student in the music class of their choice for the year.
If you need another copy of the enrollment form, please click on the appropriate link below to see and download a copy of it to fill out and return to school for your student so they can participate in our music program: 
Instrument Insurance

If you would like to purchase insurance for the instrument your student is using for our program please click the link below.
Please check out this promotional video about all of the music programs in our school district:
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