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CareerLink Academy                       School            App Due Date
Digital Media Arts                             El Dorado          February 17, 2017
ED LAW                                            El Dorado          February 17, 2017
Aztec Engineering/Manufacturing    Esperanza         February 17, 2017
Medical Sciences                             Esperanza         February 17, 2017
Val Tech                                            Valencia            February 3, 2017
Mustang Business Academy            Yorba Linda       February 17, 2017
Program                                             School           App Due Date
International Baccalaureate              Valencia           February 3, 2017
Air Force JROTC                              Esperanza        Ongoing


CareerLink Academy, Industry Sector, Existing and New Pathways

El Dorado

ED LAW Academy

(El Dorado Legal Studies, Advocacy, Workforce Readiness)

  • Public Services
    • Legal Practices

Digital Media Arts

  • Arts, Media and Entertainment
    • Design, Visual and Media Arts
    • Production and Managerial Arts


Aztec Engineering/Manufacturing Academy

  • Manufacturing and Product Development
    • Machining and Forming Technologies
    • Welding and Materials Joining
    • Product Innovation and Design
  • Health Science and Medical Technology
    • Patient Care (Medical Assisting)
    • Patient Care (Pharmacy Tech)


Val Tech Academy

  • Arts, Media and Entertainment
    • Production and Managerial Arts
    • Design, Visual and Media Arts
  • Information and Communications Technology
    • Networking
    • Software and Systems Development (Robotics)
  • Business and Finance
    • Financial Services

Yorba Linda

Mustang Business Academy

  • Hospitality, Tourism, and Recreation
    • Food Service and Hospitality
  • Business and Finance
    • Business Management

CCPT-2 (NOCCAP) Goals & Outcomes

NOCCAP Consortium uses four guiding principles:

  1. Provide high quality educational opportunities and formal learning that supports students’ current skill sets and accelerates their development of skills.
  2. Maintain rigorous and high expectations for students in developing, following, and completing a career pathway plan.
  3. Provide students on-the-job experiences that offer real-life context for their classroom learning.
  4. Expose students to career opportunities beginning at an early age.

Measurable Outcomes:

  1. High quality educational opportunities:

PYLUSD will increase student access to college curriculum through articulation with local Community Colleges. This will provide students with dual enrollment credits and give them a head start on completing their units to graduate from college, facilitate the transition into a local community college, and increase their opportunities to matriculate to a 2- or 4- year institution.

  1. Maintain rigorous and high expectations for students:

PYLUSD students will have access to core courses that align with new CTE pathways in Business Management and Legal Practices. Program activities and professional collaboration will increase the number of students who earn nationally recognized industry certificates and CTE academy diplomas, in turn readying more students for college and career paths.

  1. Provide students on-the-job experiences:

PYLUSD will increase student internships through new partnerships with local businesses. Every student in the CTE academy pathways will be required to complete 150 hours of internship or other work experience in order to earn an academy diploma. These WBL activities will prepare students for future employment success. CTE academy career specialists will provide enhanced career guidance. And the Work Based Learning Coordinator will seek out additional business partnerships and on-the-job skill development resources.

  1. Expose students early:

PYLUSD will involve students in CTE courses, expand access to Science Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) education, and activities K-12 to expand student involvement and increase CTE opportunities for underrepresented populations: female, English Learners, and low-income students. Program activities, professional collaboration, the establishment of a Dual Immersion Language Program, and K-8 career exposure electives will increase enrollment in CTE pathways.