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DLA Model

How will the classroom setting look?

In the 50:50 Dual Language model, 50% of instruction is in the target language (Spanish) and 50% of instruction is in English. This ensures that students receive instruction in all content areas in both languages. In addition, 50% of students speak English in the home and 50% of students speak Spanish in the home. They are placed in one of two classrooms with mixed language abilities.

Classrooms are designed for active engagement and meaningful interaction in order to build linguistic and cultural diversity in an affirming and encouraging environment. 

Standards-aligned curriculum and high-quality instructional materials and strategies are utilized in tandem with authentic language models and texts. 

Instruction is differentiated and scaffolded for different levels of language and academic proficiency. 

Transition between languages is clear and deliberate to facilitate a true immersion experience. The teacher communicates through visuals, songs, body language, expression, and drama to achieve understanding. Young children are quickly able to understand the focus language and speak in words, phrases, and sentences.



Parent Information Night Presentation

Please see the attachments below to view the presentation from the Parent Information Night.