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RETIREE Benefit Information

Review the Preparing for Retirement attachment for some guidelines to your health benefits upon retirement.
  • Retirees (55-65) who decline or terminate medical coverage are not eligible to enroll in coverage in the future.
  • Once a benefited employee is age 65 and then retires, they may choose to enroll in a SISC 65+ medical plan. The application for these plans must be received by Risk no later than 45 days prior to the start of Medicare coverage. It is mandatory that proof of Medicare A & B coverage is submitted along with the application. For an application and more information contact Viveka Rodriguez in the Risk Management Department at 714-985-8476.
Links to Assist you:
Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services www.cms.gov
Apply for Social Security Benefits www.socialsecurity.gov/retire 

Council on Aging (HICAP Program - Medicare Counseling)  www.coasc.org

California Health Advocates: Medicare – Policy, Advocacy & Education www.cahealthadvocates.org/HICAP