Employee Health Benefits » SISC Benefit - Carrum Health - Spine, Hip, Knee Surgery Program

SISC Benefit - Carrum Health - Spine, Hip, Knee Surgery Program

What is Carrum Health and how does it benefit me?
Carrum Health is a special surgery benefit that provides exclusive access to “Centers of Excellence”. These hospitals and doctors provide for an improved patient experience and top-quality, more affordable care.
Who is eligible for the program?
Carrum Health is available to members on PPO with Anthem Blue Cross. Members must satisfy clinical guidelines for specific covered procedures. These benefits must be accessed through Carrum Health.
Which procedures are covered? Eligible procedures include:
  • Total Hip or Total Knee Replacement
  • Cervical / Lumbar Spinal Fusion
Please contact Carrum Health to determine if your procedure is eligible.
How do I qualify for these services?
The following criteria must be met to qualify for the Carrum Health program:
  • You have primary medical coverage through SISC Anthem Blue Cross PPO
  • You meet requirements of the hospital/physician(s) considering your case
  • Additional diagnostic or medical services may be required
  • Your current personal physician agrees to assume care for you upon return home
  • You have an adult caregiver physically able to assist you during your care and travel if travel is needed