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Title IX Information

The Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District (PYLUSD) understands its obligations under the Title IX Law. The following individuals have been identified as the district’s Title IX Response Team. 

Title IX Response Team

  • Title IX Coordinator: Gina Aguilar
  • Deputy Title IX: Neha Shahpatel, Shelley Spessard, Connor Drake, Principals and APs
  • Investigators: Olivia Yaung, Nancy Blade, Principals and APs 
  • Decision Makers: Keith Carmona, Jose Cabrera, Jaymie Shill, Dr. Jeannie Kim, Dr. Liz Leon
  • Appeal Officers: Richard McAlindin and Melissa Samson
  • Informal Resolution Facilitators: Renee Gray and Gwen Redira
Guiding Document(s)
More information about the district's Title IX procedures may be found in the Parent Information Handbook.