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Title IX Information

The Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District (PYLUSD) understands its obligations under Title IX Law. The following individuals have been identified as the district’s Title IX Response Team. 

Title IX Response Team

  • Title IX Coordinator: Gina Aguilar
  • Deputy Title IX: Neha Shahpatel, Shelley Spessard, Connor Drake, Principals and APs
  • Investigators: Olivia Yaung, Nancy Blade, Principals and APs 
  • Decision Makers: Jose Cabrera, Jaymie Shill, Dr. Jeannie Kim, Dr. Liz Leon
  • Appeal Officers: Richard McAlindin and Melissa Samson
  • Informal Resolution Facilitators: Renee Gray and Gwen Redira
Guiding Document(s)
More information about the district's Title IX procedures may be found in the Parent Information Handbook.