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School Attendance Review Board (S.A.R.B.)

Although voluntary compliance with mandatory school attendance laws is expected, the Placentia – Yorba Linda Unified School District has teamed with local law enforcement agencies to form the District’s School Attendance Review Board, or “S.A.R.B.” This board is committed to actively enforcing state laws relating to school attendance. The District’s School Attendance Review Board meets bi-monthly in order to intervene with students that are defined as habitual truants.

This collaborative effort of the District and law enforcement in the S.A.R.B. process has proven to be an effective tool in correcting the troublesome problem of truancy. Students that fail to comply with the directives of this Board are referred to the Orange County District Attorney’s office. In 2004, one student was incarcerated for not attending school.

The Placentia - Yorba Linda Unified School utilizes the S.A.R.B. process as the last effort in a series of measures aimed at correcting a student’s unacceptable school attendance. It is hoped that all students would voluntarily comply with school attendance laws.