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Support for Students with Epilepsy

Our Commitment: At PYLUSD, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive support for students with epilepsy. Our school nurses are here to ensure that your child receives the necessary assistance and accommodations to manage their epilepsy effectively while at school.

Key Steps for Parents:

  1. Obtain Seizure Action Plan: Before the start of each school year, it's important to obtain a current Seizure Action Plan from your child's healthcare provider. This plan outlines the specific actions to take in the event of a seizure, including seizure type, duration, and appropriate responses.

  2. Discussion with School Nurse: Schedule a discussion with your child's school nurse to review the Seizure Action Plan. Together, you and the nurse will develop an Individualized Health Plan tailored to your child's needs. This plan will be shared with relevant staff members at the school to ensure consistent support and understanding of your child's requirements.

  3. Developing an Individualized Health Plan: The Individualized Health Plan will outline the specific procedures and accommodations necessary to support your child's epilepsy management at school. It will include details such as seizure recognition, first aid procedures, medication administration protocols (if applicable), and emergency response plans.

Important Note: Regular communication between parents, healthcare providers, and school staff is essential to maintaining a safe and supportive environment for students with epilepsy. If you wish to discuss a Section 504 plan for your child, please reach out to your school nurse or counselor. Thank you for your cooperation in helping us provide the best care for your child.