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GATE Mission Statement
The Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District is committed to providing a challenging program for gifted and talented learners that maximizes their potential, inspires a desire for excellence, and promotes a sense of responsibility to self and society.

GATE Vision Statement
Believing that it is our fundamental responsibility to educate all students so they may reach their full potential, it is our vision that the district's gifted and talented education program will maximize each student's continuous academic growth, recognize and enhance individual strengths, and nurture the student's social and emotional development.
GATE Program Goals
  • Provide differentiated instruction that is responsive to and commensurate with students' readiness levels, interests, and abilities.
  • Provide qualitatively different instruction that is challenging and provides for depth, complexity, acceleration, and novelty.
  • Provide for the development of organization and study skills.
  • Nurture each student's social and emotional development.
Contact Information:
Benita Skagen, GATE Clerk
(714) 985-8650
Krisa Muller, Coordinator of Elementary Education and GATE
(714) 985-8466