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Elementary Sites

Each school site has created a unique program that is responsive to the needs, interests, and abilities of the gifted students at its site. Please click on the school name to visit the school site's GATE page. Additionally, you may contact the site administrator to get specific information about the GATE program at that school site.
Principal: Julie Lucas
Principal: Shannon Robles
Buena Vista Virtual Academy
Principal: Jamie Jauch
Principal: Anne San Roman
Principal: David Cammarato
Principal: Jane Roh
Principal: Kristen McDonald
Principal: Stephanie Given
Principal: Kristen Petrovacki
Principal: Melanie Carmona
Principal: Nicole Hernandez
Principal: Kelly Farrell
Principal: Dominique Polchow
Principal: Brandon Frank
Principal: Kathleen Escaleras-Nappi
Ruby Drive
Principal: Lisa Carmona
Principal: Jacque Bluemel
Principal: Christa Borgese
Principal: Taylor Holloway
Principal: Tonya Gordillo
Principal: Connie Roe
Principal: Janice Weber
Principal: George Lopez