Middle School Sites

Each school site has created a unique program that is responsive to the needs, interests, and abilities of the gifted students at its site. Please click on the school name to visit the school site's GATE page. Additionally, you may contact the principal or the site GATE coordinator to get specific information about the GATE program at your school site.

Principal: Ken Valburg
Site GATE Coordinator: Phil Seitz
Principal: Keith Carmona
Site GATE Coordinator: Cathy LaBare
Principal: James Hardin
Site GATE Coordinator: Heidi Chipman
Principal: Susan Metcalf
Site GATE Coordinator: David Gillette
Principal: Cindy Freeman
Site GATE Coordinator: Erika Mayer
Principal: Cuco Gracian
Site GATE Coordinators: Marie Dodson and Parker Tredick
Principal: Greg Kemp
Site GATE Coordinator: Jodi Bonk