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UCSD Extension's Specialized Certificate in Gifted and Talented Education offers training for educators who want to teach and develop programs for gifted and talented students. The program meets training requirements for educators, counselors, psychologists, administrators, and others responsible for GATE (Gifted and Talented Education) program services.

The online program is designed for those new to gifted education and for experienced educators.
The Professional Development Certificate in Gifted Education will enable teachers who are or will be working with gifted children, to effectively develop and deliver the specialized knowledge and instruction needed to promote academic achievement, as well as respond to the individual differences among gifted and talented students.

Completion of this four-class (10 unit) professional development certificate program will enable teachers of gifted students to be proficient in the identification of gifted students, understand their unique social and emotional needs and have competency in the development of curriculum for the gifted and talented student. The instructors involved in this program are currently or have been working professionals in the field of GATE Education.
Teaching the gifted and talented is an inspirational and rewarding challenge. Gifted learners tend to show characteristics that differ from their peers in every area of function: cognitive, affective, physical and intuitive.

Offered completely online, UCI Division of Continuing Education's Gifted and Talented Education Specialized Studies program will help you develop a new skill set and gain a deeper understanding of the needs and issues of this diverse group of students.

This teacher-focused program is also aligned with CAG, NAGC, and state standards of excellence.
Make your mark on the gifted population; enroll in our program to meet the state educational training requirements for teaching GATE students. Enhance your skills in curriculum development and learn techniques to foster the unique talents and learning capacities of GATE students.
The Gifted Education Certificate is designed to help educators develop the specialized knowledge and skills needed to recognize and respond to individual differences among gifted and talented students and to address the varying needs, interests and abilities of all students.